Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Outback Chronicles (The Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

These are the Outback Chronicles!  it's another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition. 

The saga / struggle continues,  its back!!  *Lord Help!! Lord Help!! is the battle cry*  oh yes!!  the Lord we petition.

 Observing the scene / what's the condition?  we had to cut grass,  plus trim trees and bushes.

 It's obscene!!  snakes in the grass like Cruz and Kasich roam the backyard!!  but we're blue collar we had to work hard,  unlike slackers trying to smoke trees and find out where the kush is. 

No lush life per Nat King Cole!  please!! I heed  snake in the grass warnings  issued by Midnight Star

Cold crush life lived per being breakbeat scientific!!   adjusted after haters raised the bar. 

..Just an old dude rushing to cut the grass, it's hot out here!! but I was startled when my neighbors burglar alarm blared. 

My attitude is like the squirrel that probably set the alarm off,  I'm trying to get a nut:  Bonecrusher, Never Scared

My attitude had me barred from the premises,  played like Chuck Connors on Branded. 

My attitude had me fighting the arch nemesis that was on my premises!! messes cleaned up after the Mothership landed

Spring cleaning / spring training on this so called Super Tuesday,  per empty promises made by politicians. 

Outback chilling after the work is done on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday:  what's the perspective?  what's the condition? 

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