Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning / Spring Training PT.6 (Spring Vacation Edition)

March Madness morphed into Volatile April!!  the saga / struggle continues. 

Spring cleaning continues!!  cleaning yards,  houses,  and cars is on these menus. 

Spring training continues also,  even though it's the first day of the baseball season as I write this. 

Kansas City Royals let the New York Mets know the deal!! also spring vacationing is also a factor for many as they try to chill!! some try to find out where the excitement is. 

Drama royalty (drama kings and queens) have a spring in their step!!  vacating the premises filling interstates!!  leaving Atlanta full of cars coming and going!! 

Drama royalty (presidential candidates) have a spring in their step, making empty promises during this presidential election:  but what were candidates knowing? 

Trump and Cruz showing their hand while the Koch Brothers and Paul Ryan hold the trump cards. 

...Like the spades game in the neighborhood park as the hooptie rides by,  the beats thump hard!! 

Ongoing charades play out in the hood, Hollywood and in the nation's Capitol,  since it's all about the capital...

Ongoing charades play out in the hood:  who's acting false in the hood? just left Louisville, Kentucky aka *Murdaville Guntucky* as the wannabe gangsters call it, until they get gaffled by Hunger Games Peacekeepers representing the Capitol..

Parades get rained on plus the deliberate falsehood baffled the masses;  will it interrupt the spring vacation? 

Parades get rained on due to Panama Papers held by  Mossack Fonseca, meanwhile I try to chill out, drink a cold Fresca after spring cleaning / spring training...

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