Monday, April 25, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT 7

Once again it's on!!  your dude the hot messenger is musing and rambling. 

Or is it rambling and musing? danger zone business is going down!! we're amusing those that are fast buck gambling. 

They'll get paid if we fail!!  like Goldman Sachs or Bank of America they're betting against us. 

You'll get played during the ongoing process!! you didn't know?  white, blacks, browns and yellows in America feel the pain and anguish. 

A message delivered by the hot messenger?'s rough out here, it's hard to stop the stress!! it's like we're in a Game Of Thrones..

*Here he comes with another hot mess*  was heard!! no shame was shown by those clones...

We team up like Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter at the NOLA Jazz Fest or maybe even  Cruz and Kasich vs Trump as the beats will thump!! O-Dog's drums were part of this process and the good word is O-Zone's!! during these hot messenger ramblings and musings we're remixing reality 

* Holla if you hear me* :  stop the press? naw!! we continue to rock, knowing how the sport will do!! we stay busy sound forging / re-manufacturing / remixing reality!

 * Holla if you hear me* was the statement made by this messenger as he continued rambling and musing and not drama manufacturing!! I was told either you have it or you don't!!  who's showing spirit or personality? 

....After receiving reality checks?  cashing them was fracturing souls and spirits; especially after receiving demerits when the thought and fashion police thought it was amusing when they *holla at you and me*

But catch me if you can;  because I'm moving forward at a high velocity..its like on to the next.

O-Dizzle is grooving while O-Zone is showing and proving; why make the simple complex?

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