Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They Were Going Through It PT.4

They were going through they had us coming and going ; plus some were under a time constraint!

Whats the deal ? we  proceed and continue..we play it like Waka Flocka Flame; going hard in the paint!

Maybe like Dwight Howard;  but had to fight a coward..teaching them a lesson with the blackjack!

Lighting things up for those waiting in the dark; O-Zone has that good word in his knapsack!

Plus I told them the Snapback is back Tyga & Chris Brown.. just like Tupac; word from Meek Mill and Rick Ross and them!

Plus I told them about the negative feedback they'll get from those bossing them!

What's up with them? whose holding them down? they were going through it..needing to give the drank and weed back; it had minds twisted!

Reading the signs like I was on I-65  rolling towards Louisville..things have gotten way too real....they had us coming and going...dealing with a jive turkey that didn't want to work with the streets were calling even though my numbers unlisted!

Drama is revisited like a family member at Grady Hospital in Atlanta..that's actually where the drama will land ya...or up in University Hospital in the Ville...

What's the deal with it?.....they were going through it....R.I.P Bubba Smith..we need somebody like that on our that's the real deal..

What's the deal with it?..we're going through it...haters disrespecting the President ..letting us know not a damn thing has changed..

Others are going through it....I see them but wouldn't want to be them..they were blaming it on Mercury being retrograde...I'll let them holla back after things have changed...

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