Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Wasn't Feeling It PT.2......I Had Company...

I wasn't feeling it...but I see the storm approaches...up in the spot? I noticed morale was low..they weren't feeling it either!!  and I can say I don't blame them!

...Knew what they were dealing with; systematic procedures that weighed heavy on them; the apparatus will game on them!

....put the blame on them when charging it to the game would have been the maneuver!

Shame on you they told me!! they see I took old dude's advice...."doing what behooves ya"

Listening to the Isley Brothers groove with you...meanwhile The brotha O-Dizzle grooves with with ya; while O-Zone gets scientific!

You know the system plays us like Paul Azinger vs Pres. knocks the hustle; but we deal with it!

...Being real with it; Warren Buffett co-signs with Bank of America...but you know the banks have everybody in indentured servitude!

..Being real with it  because a bruh is not feeling they say I'm being rude!

...Considered arrogant and aloof but trying to be shrewd in my business decisions!

But trying to be humble...being cunning and clever will get you in trouble; soon making mind blowing decisions! 

Like Heatwave mentioned ; trying to get my mind right!! paid attention even though I was broke!

But I wasn't feeling it just like some of the others; the system tried to play us like this is a joke!

As we go for broke...going all out....misery loves company? no...I don't think so....I'm shaking the doldrums off and moving forward....

...Wasn't feeling it but dealing with it...a bruh is exercising power like a forward... 

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