Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Wasn't Feeling It

I wasnt feeling it!!  plus the mood was still enhanced from August 12/13  by the full moon!

Whats the deal? not up on the Titanic..refusing to ride shotgun with a fool on a mission of doom!

The style? intergalactic..just got back from Pluto...usually in the lab with the boom bip bap or playing around with the good word!

Whose acting frantic?...they see Hurricane Irene approaching...but I'm chilling..similar to the dread over in the hood found with the good herb!

Life is hectic though; similar to Somalis who fled?  now found in refugee camps in Kenya ; or Libyan rebels who advanced on Tripoli!

Going postal like postal workers pushing the envelope and stamps; haters try to trip on me!

Troops try to dip on me when safe havens and safe harbors are invaded; I'm on my own like Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle!

....A bruh is transmitting live...funky loops and the good word is what you get from me; did they feel me like Debarge Time Will Reveal?
Some of my peeps know the deal; from Louisville where its way too real; to down here in the ATL.

...From Syria on over to Islamabad where Osama Bin Laden fell!

So whats the deal? Al Qaeda promises 100 attacks;  I keep it moving making tracks but GPS tracks..I still felt a weird energy floating around!

So whats the deal? I found a portal to slide through...slipping through the cracks..I wasn't feeling it; so played like a weird entity; didn't co sign on whats going down!

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