Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Madness Continues...It's On and Popping PT.2

Its on and popping!! like the rebels jacking Gaddafi's we proceed and continue to do business!

It's on and popping...we're beat breaking; hip Funkadelic we're cosmic slopping;  that's what the deal is!

Wasn't quitting wasn't stopping; it's not over like it is for Gaddafi...we've come to far to turn back now!

Rolling into uncharted territory...whose with us? you have to be courageous; if not? you better turn back now!

The train of thought is rolling all up in hostile territories; rebuking hostile takeovers.. turn back now if your not ready to fight!

Summer madness continues...its on and popping!! but funk is dropped by O-Dizzle while O-Zone provides the insight!

The mothership stays in flight; but now it's actually stranded on earth..but check this Captain Kirk style; focused!! but they say I'm arrogant and aloof!

A brotha gets scientific like Hadron Colliders but haters say that's a damn lie when I speak my truth!

Lord Help us all is the battle cry!!  as I provide proof that God is in the blessing business!

But summer madness continues..its on and popping!! the trunk in the hooptie will rattle from the brand new funk straight from Pluto; a weapon used against those stressing..trying to find out what the deal is!

Trying to find out what the real is; guessing when questions answer themselves!

Ministers were cursing and blessing them; telling them to go on with their bad selves!

Sinister ones  had their cases dropped like Strauss-Kahn...they were down with Simon Barsinisterand them; they were caught up!

Its on and popping!! we administer these doses to one..Doctor O has the medicine; that's whats up!

It's on and popping...even in the midst of summer we try to stop the madness..

It's on and popping...transmitting live  from a remote outpost..we came back with this!!

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