Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Going Down PT.4

In the midst of the chaos and confusion similar to Tripoli... its still going down!

Summer madness is in full affect when I wrote this; why are they trying to trip on me?  the Brotha O is still throwing down! 

The funky drummer is back with this; plus mathematical and scientific analysis accompanied him!

Not up in a Hummer; not crashing like Russian spacecraft..the hooptie is dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..just left the West End Mall; O-Zone gets free and stays free y'all!! the corporation or company is not running him!

Truth be told? I can see how they play y'all..corporations take profits offshore and park them; then they ask for a tax holiday!

Truth be told? the middle class had to abort operations; rations and resources are low; so whatcha know? please!! ....soon things will jump off like Billy the Kid and Doc Holiday!

Truth be told? so how did some play? please!! a bruh heard the guns blast !!  it was wild wild west style!! that's  per James West or Kool Moe Dee;  so what's the deally?  Cowboys and Aliens is the 2.0 version!

How did some play? wild with this like in London or Philly; meanwhile in Atlanta the so called illegal alien dipped down Buford Highway in the tricked out Honda; he was swerving!

How did some play? altered Black and Milds or Philly Blunts influenced how some were observing the scene!

Full of cognac!! dipped in the latest KWY Fashions; representing Atlanta like OutKast; so fresh and so clean!

Observing the scene; O-Zone can see an orderly fashion was not being conducted! 

Danger zone residents get gaffled by the thought or fashion police; accused of being corrupted!

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