Monday, March 13, 2023

Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 8

Coming through on this Monday morning, during these critical stages of development; still in the lab with these dry ink pens. 

Plus torn pages from the legal pad, or maybe in the meantime or between time I'll enhance lab techniques by getting high technical and hit send. 

Per iPhone emails, maybe Brotha O will get on an O-Dog instrumental where he travels  / sails where he whispered crimson poetry.

Once again its on! this insight? fables told or slivers of light? we're working it all out reading the teleprompter or interpreting whatever reality shows me. 

Mesmerized by that saucy woman with emerald eyes from Bombay who came through with insight acting like she knows me!

She taught us something, heard fables were told plus lies so during these critical stages I had it on Louisville / Newburg default settings always going by what people show me. 

Like I'm from Missouri the show me state where they'll try to show hate but I digress; in the meantime or between time secret knowledge was dropped, passed down from her ancestors? 

Is it what the cure will be per Ashford and Simpson as we try to catch up on our pimping as we drop this secret knowledge from dark lands? some will cram to understand but that science blessed us.

Keep it pimping player was the advice from that player over in Decatur so during these critical stages we're still intergalactic with it, shining brightly from above like that Virgo Full Moon....

...from last week; but its not a simple thing, the Moon is now moving from Scorpio to  Sagittarius so how will the sport go / who'll be fair with us? episodes bring us back down to earth where we're in conflict with this world  where they push / shove; can I smile again?

But blessed and highly favored with the diplomatic immunity! credit limit raised, during these critical stages! in the meantime or between time catch me back out in the galaxy,  borrowing tomorrow!

Out in the distant future, but your dude didn't let go from the retro per being all-city / metro back in the old hood / community but some things I will let go of, hopefully I'll be minus the pain and sorrow.

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