Monday, March 7, 2022

The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling / Ignoring The Distractions (Part Eight)

 Another Monday morning has rolled around on us, y’all should know it’s a blessing / bonus!!

The train of thought is still rolling, we’re ignoring all the distractions out here; what's meant to be will be /  what’s for us? is for us!

Of course like the situation in Ukraine or even here in America per these Trump Insurrectionists we’re wondering who’s for us or against us, I keep mentioning the devil and his advocates!

I’m sounding like the DJ’s vinyl skipping or maybe the cutting and scratching as we “holla back” with this!

Conflicts are ongoing, not final; reality? of course it’ll prey on my imagination.

It’s all game! it’s beautiful, hoping I’ll swoon but the Temptations even say it’s Just My Imagination! It’s awesome! mesmerizing! that's what I heard some say, then I check the tepid efforts made to solve the puzzle! Jigsaw or whatever; being cunning / clever? once again it’s on was mentioned by O-Dizzle in the mix,he was able to solve the riddle so we continue to hustle.

The train of thought is still rolling, O-Zone will continue to drop this good word on this and that zone.

Ignoring the distractions, plus the negative interactions and reactions from society’s clones..

..manipulated by drones, the technology interfacing with chips that are implanted.

Beyond the 5G Covid vaccines theory / conspiracy, it’s a big world / universe somebody will understand it!

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