Monday, March 28, 2022

Once Again It’s On As We Interrupt Very Briefly (Part Nine)

 Pardon us as we come through dropping this good word on a Monday evening!

Once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly, check us out as we keep believing.. we continue, keep proceeding even though though thought and fashion police will work from the left to the right trying to monitor the situation!

They’ll try to edit these proceedings like Russia clamping down on their social media; check the situation!

We’re not quitting / stopping even though we felt the pressure; science we keep dropping, it’s of the breakbeat scientific variety!

Jazz, funk, house music and hip hopping plus good word dropping? it’s our priority!

Once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly, we’re not trying to waste your time or mine!

Not tripping out / flipping out like Will Smith vs Chris Rock at the Oscars it’s all love; Sade will ask, is it a crime? 

Not tripping out / flipping out; Time will come today was the word from the Chambers Brothers!

Not tripping out / flipping out; like The Time and Morris Day I’m so cool! success or failure will not change this brotha!

Check the Music Monday references, some will think I’m going through those changes like Buddy Miles! 

Once it’s on as we interrupt very briefly, your buddy is coming through with these breakbeat scientific styles!

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