Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Once Again It’s On As We Interrupt Very Briefly! (Part Two)

 Pardon the interruption, but once again it’s on!! excuse us as we interrupt very briefly the ongoing proceedings!

Pardon the corruption? per the Trump insurrection or even  China providing aid to Russia during it's Ukraine conflict? that’s another story, I’ll always be mad about that but I digress as we proceed into spring training!

Spring cleaning / spring training is underway like baseball teams, the Atlanta Braves without Freddy Freeman?

Spring is official per the Spring Equinox a few days away proceeded by the Virgo full moon as it’s in Leo now; word from a dude in the Matrix like Neo now, trying to be a free man!

I see you man! Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday thoughts, thinking about my dude who was up in Louisville / Newburg on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way. 

Once again it’s on as the train of thought rolled into the past very briefly, I remember how my dude would play!

Oh! he was ready! walking through the streets of Louisville / Newburg like he was the mayor; he was ready when yesterday was still new! Soon that loud / kush / chronic weed smoke was in the air per self medicating! once again it’s on! soon stumbling through the liquor store parking lot gravel, so what’s new? Plus he was Kentucky whiskey / liquor saturated with loud boisterous talk that soon led to whiskey earth tears. Walls of hollow truths taunted him, telling him he’s nothing and he’s been that way for years!

But soon the smoke clears! he dipped in the old school Buick Regal and pulled up on Atlanta!

Once again it’s on! just interrupting very briefly to tell you he’s a changed man; somebody might understand a brotha!

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