Saturday, March 5, 2022

The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling / Ignoring The Distractions (Part Seven)

 The train of thought is still rolling, like me still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta; oh yes, my Chronicles will spell it out!

Sonic Assaults are still ongoing, we’re ignoring all these distractions while others got caught up, fatigued like Americans dealing with the coronavirus? they fell out!

Corporations? the system will bail out now they’re  price gouge leading to inflation!

Abort this mission? naw! please, we’re still out here! the train of thought is still rolling ignoring the distractions. 

We’re still out here, oh yes!  of course we're still getting breakbeat scientific check out these midnight confessions.

The byproduct of my workshop, we won’t quit / stop! of course we’re working it all out, releasing the stress introduced by those stressing! The conduct exhibited? it’s breakbeat scientific as the sound is dropped plus the purple Papermate ink pen and the loose leaf are my tools. The conduct exhibited? joy expressed or the slow torture of regret per breaking my rules.  

I must have been off code, per the train derailment but now I’m breaking fools! well it’s done now, so I guess the train of thought is still rolling so the game is over. The street code is reinforced but we’re meeting opposition in these sports, peace will decrease due to actions taken by a flamethrower.. the situation over in Ukraine some will say it’s all game, especially one who’s also straight out of the devil’s workshop. The train of thought is still rolling, ignoring the distractions that are plenty, check out the interactions! now the hate, along with the madness doesn’t stop.

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