Saturday, March 19, 2022

Once Again It’s On As We Interrupt Very Briefly (Part Four)

 Excuse us as we enter on to the set, I guess you can say once again it’s on! 

Check us out as we interrupt very briefly, but not trying to waste your time or mine; once again it’s on!

What’s up with the Brotha O-Zone? oh, digital crate digging continues as we come through with WBRO…

…aka Brotha O Radio, not worried about the ratio we’re just going for what we know!

Oh yes! going for what we know, even out here in these Atlanta streets! it’s visiting hours out here with the jaded.

Awaiting Pandora’s Wrath, jokers “ain’t right” the box was opened thought and fashion police on high alert out here scoping! hope faded.. ..for those that perpetrated; some considered society’s most wanted / hated; they hid in the mist.. ..from the steam whistle rain; it wasn't from the train of thought it was from the train to nowhere in the midst.

Once again it’s on! relieving the pain? we’re able to solve the riddle, were out here in the midst cruising through the ATL, rolling through Virginia Highlands listening to Steely Dan Do It Again!!

WCLK The Jazz Of The City was providing the soundtrack on a Saturday afternoon, uplifted by a tune or two? somebody will understand!

No blues like Bobby Blue Bland, somebody will understand! priorities shift during the paradigm shift!

Paid dues now due a rebate and it’s not too late, once again it’s on! somebody will get my drift!

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