Sunday, August 8, 2021

Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine (Part Eight)

 Easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores, we’re back at the scene of the crime!

We’re trying to run another play, but I’m not trying to waste your time or mine!

Reality is already playing with our minds! life is hectic its no picnic in the park, with dandelion dreams. Check out the devil and his advocates, they’ve gone astray! like West Coast wildfires we’re in a firestorm due to their plots / schemes. ...from voter suppression to resistance of Covid 19 vaccinations and legislation from Florida to Texas to even Missouri the intrigue will entice these teams of renegades. Check the aggression as they waste your time and mine! they’re destined to destroy, with their ploys and charades.

Check out the breakbeat scientific session, not trying to waste your time or mine! imagination is exercised like we’re playing school games! Check out these eclectic artistic pursuits as pictures are painted of freedom, from out here where a fool reigns? They tried to talk slick like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, trying to mystify the masses with whimsical policies. We know how things will get, the system will malfunction due to the incompetencies.

Meanwhile we drop this good word and the funk son, right at this New Moon in Leo! we’re not in competition with these or those as we come through in this Matrix like Neo!! we just do what we do!

We’re not trying to waste your time or mine when we drop this science letting my constituents know what it do!

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