Wednesday, August 25, 2021

How Did We Move? (Part Eight)

 Check us out as we come through with this HumpDay Extravaganza! it’s going down like this!

Some will ask, how did we move? I told them getting over the hump is the business!

They should know by now, that’s actually the business seven days a week!

O-Dizzle is funky drumming like Charlie Watts was with The Rolling Stones while the good word is O-Zone’s, letting us know if the outlook is positive or bleak. 

How did we move in these zones?  revolutionary feelings were deep rooted they laid dormant but now they make a return appearance!

Shady dealings made me realize what was important; now carrying this sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods, knowing how the sport will get as jokers act false in these hoods, there's always interference!

Fear is making more than a cameo appearance in the movie; but like a brotha, it gets killed during the first few minutes.

These epiphanies are off the clearance rack per the back to school sale but only understood by a few; are others considered dimwits?

Clowns to the left if me and jokers to the right like the Stealers Wheel? check how we move,  your boy is stuck in the middle.

How did we move? some will get played like a toy but I was able to solve the riddle!

So what it do? how did we move? please! we’re moving forward never backwards!

Still dropping this good word plus we’re letting y’all know how a funky track works!

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