Sunday, August 15, 2021

How Did We Move? (Part Four)

 The shape was an illusion, spotted while visualizing the sequence? was it an invisible shadow?

Peculiar, causing confusion! how were some moving? while we’re moving / showing / proving on to the next we spotted guilty smiles from a radical.. ..agent acting flagrant; rolling with the devil and his advocates back at this! at our service? not! Premises now vacant, even the arch nemesis moved on! the structure supposedly haunted due to the scheme / plot!

Mailbox sentiments even exhibited Infrastructure Bill issues per letters delivered! Days at the lake at Chickasaw Park or along the Ohio River up in Cox Park in Louisville helped me get my mind right / eased the corruption back in the day, seeking the summer wind was mentioned.. ..back in the 1980s! How did we move? in the 21st Century I’m down here in Atlanta with Grady babies, pulled up on that river or lake that is now polluted. Guilty smiles on a corporate culprit’s face? how did they move? no comment was the response to questions from the press, the truth disputed.

Oh yes! the truth disputed, so how did we move? the sword of truth is brandished in the midst of so many falsehoods!

Realms were looted physically / mentally/ spiritually by interlopers acting false in these hoods?

How did they move? pulling up in religious / corporate / government said educational “hoods” or areas causing mass hysteria!

How did we move? breakbeat scientific, Sonic Assaulting, check the steady bombardment of the enemy positions/ areas!

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