Saturday, August 21, 2021

How Did We Move? (Part Six)

As we proceed and continue to move forward on to the next inquiring minds we’re asking.. 

How did we move? oh!! they'll bear witness on this Saturday morning, as we show and prove!! check out the good word and good music dropping / multi-tasking!!

We’re not limelight basking the style is blue collar!  how did we move? you’ll catch us out here grinding!

Others get their crime tight, the style is white or blue collar! government / corporate and religious defendants? O-Zone knew what the deal was even while minding and tending!

The pursuit trivial? how did others move? from Louisville to Atlanta to Afghanistan the results from crimes are residual, some are now on an abandoned path.

The currents of time will grind on physical / spiritual / mental realms; it led to an abandoned math.. ..and science; check the Covid 19 denials, just read the signs! now my constituents are underwater like mortgages. Boos are heard from the spectators / haters in life’s stadium! how did we move? I keep telling y’all rough is how the sport gets!

How did we move? on this Saturday morning we’re laying in the cut, knowing The Blue Moon / Full Moon in Aquarius is on deck. How did some move? moonlit terror expected from those nefarious showing no respect? How did they move? the reign of terror began with a drizzle, previously mentioned by O-Dizzle!! they’ll use the occasion to poison the atmosphere! Some sounded like the Dells; Oh what a night was their promise! now others are showing fear!

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