Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How Did We Move? (Part Five)

 Questions are asked, inquiring minds wanted to know; how did we move?

Moving forward, now what’s next? another question asked as we show and prove!

Chaos and confusion like America’s move out of Afghanistan? naysayers want to bear witness to failure by this man! they want to see me fall off like Andrew Cuomo

We kept cruising down I-20 in Atlanta, our gateway to the universe as we continue to go for what we know!

Now we get with you; the mothership is out there as we study the Dark Mystery of Time and Space! how did we move? earlier this summer we were cruising I-75 in Kentucky on Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail so you can say we’re flying high like Tuskegee airman.

Wasn't flying down I-95 making a drug run from Florida, that’s not how we move! in love or war? please!! nothing is fair in them!

How did we move? not  lying to you with this good word like a GOP state governor concerning Covid 19! we’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost off of I-20 on the A-Town planet as we blast on those that truth or dare them; who? my people...

How did we move? still carrying the sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods! soon on a winning streak, shady business we see through...

High or low tech / analog or digital, even spotted black and white rainbows on a black and white TV. Show respect! it’s a different world but familiar to some, oh but they see! it all moves, reality shows / proves! now some roll with sustained sorrow, restraint shown for acceptance.. ..of joy; the devil and his advocates said it’s prohibited! how did we move? per this HumpDay Extravaganza we’re celebrating life, that’s the circumstance!

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