Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sliding Through The Portal: Filling The Void (Part Ten)

 Sliding through the portal, filling the void / that empty space!

Still following Mr. Cole’s advice, told to avoid the dog eat dog / rat race!

Ready to roll I’m on my way, after observing the scene check the pace! I’m trying to level up from my father’s and grandfather’s life!

But check out how I roll, it’s like being out here on I-20 in Atlanta! I’m on the level of bad drivers caught up in toil, strife. Caught up in another type of traffic jam! sliding through the portal filling the void but soon feeling the void, taking a toll per the overwhelming grief. Caught up in the system / matrix feeling the roid rage or road rage from the bad mood? in need of relief!

Searching like Roy Ayers per the Sunday Jazz reference!! out here with the rest of the players not feeling any love / benevolence!! a night owl breathing the breath of midnight warmth.
On this Sunday morning when I wrote this? realizing prayers are relieving the tension / the anxiety / apprehension that swarms. It’s not trying to play fair, it’s trying to build a memorial in my aura! We’re taking it there! didn’t yield, didn’t swoon in this Aquarius Full Moon; a better tomorrow?

We’re taking it there! riding out on faith sliding through the portal filling the void!

We’re taking it there but like I said some of these folk won’t play fair! naysayers we avoid!

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