Friday, July 23, 2021

Sliding Through The Portal / Filling The Void (Part Nine)

 Throwback Thursday or even this Flashback Friday? check us out, this poetry is retro futuristic.

I go back to the future, chilling out in the lab out in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, in a mosaic of dreams I luxuriate! checking out all dimensions so I won’t miss it! Sliding through the portal, filling the void; doing what I do!! I'm chilling / I live between the whispers / voices in my head. Embedded in the midst of the chaos and confusion; in the mist of the smoke and mirrors, not just from the West Coast fires business as usual instead!

Embedded like a reporter with the military in the ongoing spiritual warfare!! check the story / play by play description transmitted by iPhone, loose leaf, ink or lead!

Sliding through the portal filling the void for those feeling the emptiness / void after waiting in the dark / misled!

Sliding through the portal filling the void, but your dude? some tried to avoid they said I was tripping!! mind playing tricks like the Geto Boys? 

These days? the sport is complex facing obstacles and setbacks that have me slipping through the cracks!! per Flashback Friday it's ironic for a brotha that once played / made moves up in Louisville / Newburg with ghetto toys!

Shooting the gap!!  found a portal to slide through now filling the void!! out beyond tonight's Full Moon in Aquarius as haters act nefarious, they need to let go of the ploys, plots and schemes they're putting down.

Were rolling!!! sliding through the stream of consciousness when we come with this; were putting it down!

Crushing the opposition with this sonic assault!!  who's rushing in like fools so the machine can strand you? 

Facing opposition when this breakbeat science is dropped!! folk told me we don't understand you! 

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