Thursday, July 1, 2021

Sliding Through The Portal : Filling The Void (Part Six)

 Comfort zones soon become uncomfortable, so now we’re sliding through the portal!

Capricorn ? y’all know about the goat on the mountainside soon climbing, Let’s Go!

Being built or torn down per the Debatable Circumstances ? a fountain of youth is needed, but some sounded soulful.. ...singing you are my hero; persuasive? I don’t think so..

... plus Tina Turner said We Didn’t Need Another Hero

O-Zone? not a slow learner, peeping game realizing It’s All Game as I catch the blame for sliding through the portal..

..filling the void based on how this sport will go; this good word / deadpan comedy was considered very unorthodox. ..filling the void? It’ll illuminate the blanket of lies, like Trump’s Big One, opening Pandora’s Box? Some are feeling the void, they’ll hate! persuasive! enough to dox the innocent.. Others were damaged, plans now reimagined; hopefully magnificent.

On this Thankful Thursday we’ll deal with it; it’s a blessing to be here!

Throwback Thursday principles are dealt with as we do the knowledge, taking it there!

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