Thursday, January 21, 2021

Shadow Boxing (Part Two)

 Why ask why was the question? per this Throwback Thursday I channel Gil Scott Herons spirit; back in the day his physical form exited the earth!

We’re all in The Lions Den like Daniel  some are shadow boxing with their shadow; they’ll even resort to alcohol, coke and heroin delaying their rebirth!

Whats it all worth? in trouble is where we find him and her;  didn't know how to negotiate life’s curves in the road; plus fakers were out in gray areas where the lines blur!

Shadow Boxing all out in Bermuda Triangle or Area 51 type scenarios!! but more than paranormal drama will occur!

Yes sir! Yes sir! that was heard from the boot camp attendee!! they called themselves showing respect!

Next episode? they're lying like politicians, lawyers and preachers; trying to beseech us... talking out the side of their neck!

Throwback Thursday per the Industrial Age? We’re out in life’s foundry formed by the crucible affliction..

Always dealing with something while we’re on this earth, shadow boxing! A habitual criminal or punishment glutton? Both? this Louisville dude is bobbing and weaving like I’m Muhammad Ali, check it out! he’s another Louisville representative..

What’s the deal? A lot of people stopped believing during the Trump regime like the deal / agreement for freedom was tentative..

What’s the deal? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now in charge! some are optimistic but the knockout punch from reality will have us falling backwards..
That’s why I’m shadow boxing, practicing! Caught off guard? No! That’s not how it works.

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