Friday, January 1, 2021

Collections / Connections (Part Four)

 New Year’s Day 2021, it’s a blessing to see a new one a lot of my people didn’t make it..

They’re in my database of memories / collections plus spiritual connections where it’s also real; they won’t fake it..

We’re on the case collecting these Scattered thoughts then launching sonic assaults, check the steady bombardment..

Just because the calendar flipped into another year didn’t mean we wouldn’t take it there; now we’re in the heart of it!

But you can't truss it per Public Enemy  as we flipped the script by interrogating those and  them; I made them tell me what they knew!

Too revolutionary to be a Pretty Boy Floyd gangster, a Pretty Tony drug dealer or a Pretty Ricky type soul singer..I can see what it do!

Not accused of being a pretty boy jump shooter by Tom Izzo..of Michigan State...I take it to the hoop..but the evolutionary process left me dirty and gritty; even dusty!! so you know I was disrespected!

The solution will be to drop this breakbeat science; 2021? success expected..

2021? it’s going to be a marvelous year! we’re told to proceed down Glory Road! Begin anew, blessings on the horizon! check the collections due to the connections with God; rebuke the inadequate mode Brand new! others that mentioned weird or off earlier say take me with you! The road has many lanes; God is good plus omnipresent! There’s Room for you, you and you!

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