Friday, January 15, 2021

Collections / Connections (Part Nine)

 It’s going down on a Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday: pardon us as we collect our thoughts...

It’s going down as we lash back at the apparatus Working it all out! with our constituents we’ll connect per these sonic assaults..

Is it all for naught? many of our constituents are downcast,  it's the epitome of self loathing..

We’re going all out as these sounds blast, medicine for the internal insurrection? No relation to the Trump insurrection that’s another section; not in class with the rebel souls lacking praise.. Please!! they’re part of a New Confederacy , damn! there’s nothing positive in the vocabulary these days!

Check out these collections as these brothas proceed and continue with these breakbeat scientific ways; we’re going off on a tangent damn it! actually already out there; just got back from Pluto, intergalactic with it! realized nothings fair in them

What? Talking about love and war check out the connections!  I even saw the scar on the good samaritan!

Scars? they’re collecting them! reality truth or daring them? the circle of bosses made plans!

Raising bars? not connecting with those and them! keeping squares out of the circle was on the list of demands.

Collecting our thoughts; Breaking out of L7 square like Rick James mentioned per the Flashback Friday reference; delayed by highlanders and interlopers?

Living My Life Like It’s Golden  per Jill Scott check the connections; praying to the Lord, not one of the wishers and hopers!

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