Sunday, January 17, 2021

Collections / Connections (Part Ten)

Sunday Jazz Continues but on this Sunday morning excuse me as I collect my thoughts..

The madness continues So How Will We Play It? we’re fighting back dropping this good word plus we’re launching Sonic Assaults.

We’re making connections worldwide / universal my constituents will know how it go!

At the moment we’re dealing with that and this; 2020 was a rough year but 2021 doesn’t seem any different, but we’ll see how it goes! 

On this Sunday morning? We’re collecting our thoughts per this moment of reflection / internal inspection; We’ll put it all in order.

Like the Trump insurrection opponents were distracting, with distortion in descending order? Beats bump in this section, plus the good word is dropped; credit given for seeing through the Smoke and mirrors?

Forgive / understanding? that’s from the GOP talking about unity after the Capitol dealt with horrors / terrors..

Out on the fast break collections enhanced; getting the dunk like Lebron or vintage D Wade!

Out there breaking the so called Kings English and beats up; check the connections, plus the funk is played!

Realizing that it’s rough out here! self inflicted injuries suffered by slackers and dopers?  now left wondering why!

Some went on with their bad selves!! that's how they kicked it! At the end of the day? They  found out its all a damn lie!

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