Monday, October 26, 2020

It’s Going Down (Part Four)

Check us out as we’re in the midst of Scorpio Season; might as well say it’s going down! 

October soon coming to a close, still time for October surprises as the devil will oppose but we know how he’s putting it down..

In response we’re Putting It Down Like This some of my constituents will feel this and we drop the funk and this good word..

Confidence schemes endorsed by the GOP with Amy Coney Barrett confirmations meet opposition occurred..

Similar to how we play the sport you heard? this is how it’s going down!

Plays called in the huddle will lead to a rebuttal we won’t be played like a clown!

Spotted how some of these other teams are trying to roll! Rolling like the Atlanta Falcons, fake it until you make it was the mantra!! some even try to get over with things that are obvious!

It’s going down but some don't understand; but check the Sonic Assault as we set our people up for the dunk, check out how we lob this

O-Dizzle knows what his job is he’s per Herbie Hancock he’s dropping the funk on them check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

It’s going down as we continue to rock! we're sticking to the original plan; we didn't change our position!

It’s going down, just trying to change our condition; a bruh wasn't in the fan club with the rest of the clones!

Realizing that time is not on our side so we’re putting it down like this in these danger zones! 

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