Tuesday, July 30, 2019

We're Back Up In It PT.1

We're back on the set again, on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; so named because things can play out either way..

This good word? we'll beget once again, plus O-Dizzle will provide the sound / blend!! his motto? let the music play!!

Diplomatic immunity invoked, especially after gratitude is expressed; grateful to see another day but we see how these will jokers play in this negative environment that's hostile.

What's the deally? hip to the takeover per the Trump racist makeover attacking Elijah Cummings and Baltimore but we know the score;  others "kee kee kee" plus they  "snoked and joked"  with the enemy like Kimberly Klacik on Fox and Friends;  then tried to tell me and others  they had a hot style!

What's the deally? we're back up in it but my name is not in the file!! O-Zone drops this good word and O-Dizzle drops sounds that bump; he's got the funky drummer drumming!! we weren't down with plays ran by the armchair quarterback!

What's the deally? we're back up in it but we know it's all game!! these hostile takeovers were planned and executed, check Boris Johnson in the UK, and even Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, so what's the deal? the new world order is back? 

Actually it never left!! based on the feedback I'm getting it's just history repeating!! we're just back up in it after rolling out / riding out from Lexington / UK to Cincinnati / from Louisville to Nashville to Charlotte!! in the heart of it is where we're living!!

Like North Korea still testing missiles deals fall apart!!  Mexican drug cartels wanted the cash, the meth, coke and weed back!! they aren't forgiving!

Check the scenario for the known issues; no plans for failing / taking a loss or forfeiting is part of  their business!!

Check the scenario for the known issues, check out how we roll; part of the solution instead of the problem!! answering the question, what's the business?

We're back up in it, that's what the deal is!! it's Leo Season but we're finishing July strong ready to move onto August, Lord willing!!

We're back up in it, that's what the deal is!! hope is not diminishing per bumping heads with these Augustus Caesar types and their shady dealing..

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