Monday, July 1, 2019

Just Trying To Chill For A Minute PT.8

Just chilling for a minute; like Hong Kong protesters  we were out of pocket but still trying to rock it!!  the saga / struggle continues. 

Per Music Monday? we'll have the  Digital Crate Digging, but  like a Trump Supreme Court  I hate the bid rigging;  the fix was in,  so this good word is on these menus. 

Let the music play!! just trying to chill for a minute, rocking these venues from Vine street in Cincinnati where they're subject to the gentrification to Broadway in Nashville where guitar players have George Benson On Broadway visions of rocking the nation!

 Just trying to chill for a minute, all the way to Broadway in Louisville where I got my player orientation to over in Japan with Putin  and in  North Korea; where Trump shows the dictator infatuation? 

Trying to deal with it!! the music will play,  plus O-Zone's elaborations are the byproduct of breakbeat scientific studies. 

Trying to be real with it!! this is straight from the institute!!  conduct reveals some were spiritually destitute,  reality bruises, batters  and bloodies. 

It wasn't cute; back down here on Candler Road in Decatur in the 90 degree weather spotted homie rocking the hoodie,  plus another had three doo- rags on.

 Back down like Joe Biden in the debate after Kamala Harris confrontations?  naw,  check the situation;  once again it's on.

Not slack with it, putting it down!! freedom riding knowing constituents aren't fair with this, they'll be  a Babylon nation's advocate..

But we're back with it after chilling for a minute or two; back after the brief hiatus..

The good music? we're playing this!! we're coming strong in this month of July..

Just chilling for a minute, but we're in it to win it!! inquiring minds ask why..

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