Friday, July 5, 2019

Just Trying To Chill For A Minute PT.9

On this Flashback Friday? we're retro- futuristic!! we're moving forward to the next level business that's at hand.

I lash back at the system, doing things my way, Flying Like An Eagle  but facing opposition as  "time keeps on slipping / slipping  / slipping into the future" per the Steve Miller Band.

Dealing with non believers who don't understand;  spotted dipping and slipping out here in these streets, dealing with legal eagles!!  soon they're caught up in the system / matrix.

The iPhone wanted me to say struggle but I was talking about the aftermath;  some didn't do the math,  but they'll sure fake it.

It's on!!  the saga / struggle continues, I mentioned the yin and yang!! per O-Dog's beat breaking /  beats will bang!! meanwhile O-Zone will make a break for it /  breaking north / going forth;  per that Friday Feeling? I told you this is next level business.

Some still have that Fourth of July vibe, they kept that same old feeling per the Crusaders or even the Side Effects version!! jokers are out here swerving, they'll try to fade us!!  just danger zone constituents that just  fake it,  not knowing what the deal is.

Some try to create that Fourth of July vibe like Trump with his parade that Russia said was low energy, plus I heard him dropping knowledge about Revolutionary War Airports.

Some drop knowledge about  that Fourth of July vibe per Frederick Douglas and Colin Kaepernick as Ted Cruz provides the  rebuttal; others were armchair quarterbacks in these huddles calling plays that are unfair in these sports..

The mothership got good mileage; from Candler Road in Decatur Georgia to Vine Street in Cincinnati to Broadway in Louisville and Nashville...

Now back in Georgia, just trying to chill for a minute!! your dude is still in it to win it like teams trying to sign Kawhi  Leonard to a deal...

Why start with a brotha? just trying to chill for a minute!!  check the attitude; we're just in chill mode...

Digital crate digging will continue, soon unleashing the Friday Night Fever, going off! in real funk mode..

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