Wednesday, July 31, 2019

We're Back Up In It (Part 2)

Check us out, we're back up in it!! this is the return engagement after healing from fouls that were flagrant; we were on the injured reserve list..

Astrologers blamed Mercury Retrograde, meanwhile Donald Trump will throw shade at my constituents..

What's the deal? it's on!! we're hip to the charade as we're coming back to life like a zombie satellite, dropping this insight as the Brotha O slides through the portal.

Back To Life / Back To Reality like the Soul to Soul joint?   but knowing we aren't the ones they'll anoint!! the ill try to play me like Eric B and Rakim mentioned!! check out how they Sweat The Technique that's Immortal!

Toil and strife? how will the sport go? ESPN and Fox Sports pundits had their opinion!

Plus CNN and Fox News had their views about what goes down in this dominion!

We're back up in it, we aren't  playing around!!  peeping game as  Bill Barr is attacking immigration and Moscow Mitch is helping set up elections after receiving Russian millions;  rights and privileges soon under suspension?  in Venezuela John Bolton manipulations led to martial law being enforced.

We're back up in it, insights provided; old school hip hop cliche, down by law? rolling down I-20 in Atlanta soon over on Glenwood Road in Decatur, spotted Dekalb Police activity, what was it that the marshall saw? it's like crooked corporations, services our outsourced!

During the Kanye West type Flashing Lights good and evil collided;  of course things will get messy,  life is like that!

Blessed and highly favored was the science dropped by the matriarch over in Decatur but she was called home, damn!! that's  messing with the dome!!  meanwhile the unworthy roam, contributing to the confusion in this world!! meanwhile we  try to fight that!

Blessing the masses with this funk flavored breakbeat science, using this as a tool / vehicle soon arriving at the next level..

We're back up in it,  per this HumpDay Extravaganza we're in it to win it!! ignoring the next devil..

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