Monday, July 15, 2019

Just Trying To Chill For A Minute PT.10

Once again its on!!  just trying to chill for a minute; this is the concept finale but style will be ongoing as I take it there!! damn its a rough job!

But O-Zone has to do it!! not acting brand new with it, foul is not how the style will be like Trump with the racist tweets as we race through these Atlanta streets;   a bruh is on the job!

In the danger zone? O-Dizzle will lob sonic grenades and IED's;  the enemy's soldiers can't be at ease!! this is front line spiritual warfare business!

I was just trying to chill but plots, schemes, and charades were revealed;   soon we see no justice no peace is the business!

As we float down streams of consciousness aka the mainstream of mathematics some were occupied or distracted, so whats up with this? like some trying  to save the Iran Nuclear Deal no peace treaties were signed!

So what's up? conscious and lucid dreams were used as excuses!! somebody lied!! but another co signed!

Just trying to chill for a minute, American dreams were fertilized but I heard the lies as some turn to nightmares;  the response to this was over and underwhelming!! 

Just trying to chill for a minute, seeking asylum in remote outposts here in Atlanta but the Trump wants to restrict asylum at the Mexican border; people of color defied? he's not feeling them!!

Just trying to chill for a minute but somebody cried!!! there's nowhere to run or hide but those in misery that loved company enjoyed it!

The response to this were over and under betting like dice games in Victory Park up in Louisville back in the day or maybe like Las Vegas or Biloxi  as we slide through these portals; Sonic Assaults are launched!! check the weapons and troops deployment!

The void will get deep like rabbit holes usually are; the victory is still claimed!! like everything else it's a process..

Just trying to chill for a minute, it's a habit for souls like mine!! usually out here where reason gave way to madness..

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