Monday, October 1, 2018

We Were On A Different Page PT.6

In the book of life? we were in a different chapter / on a different page; now they'll feel the rage!! they tried to get crooked with me so I returned the favor...

A crook feeling the toil / strife? it's hot in the kitchen, it's smoking!!  these brothas cooked it!! what?  the brand new funk per this Music Monday after taking intergalactic journeys we returned with the flavor..

A crook dealing with the toil / strife? who's snitching?  Kanye West style,  "snoking and joking"  with authorities but not like is SNL episode ain't a damn thing is funny!!

Who will erupt like it's the Wild Wild West per the police chase,  ditching weapons and stolen vehicles in the hood, or even foreign territories like Syria, or even Afghanistan check the mass hysteria as the drama jumps off!! so what's up man? product needs to be brought back for a junkie!!

Who's smoking that "indo-nesia" ? drunk like Brett Kavanaugh with selective amnesia?  who has a monkey on their back? plus carrying the weight of the world?

......on their shoulders;  we're on a different page, we fight back y'all, we're  bringing funky sounds...rebuking the hatred that unfurled...

Rocks and boulders are hurled like it's the Gaza Strip!! similar to brotha trying to dip after guns blast in the hood..

Gathering strength  so we won't spaz or flip!!  who's waiting in the dark for further instructions? the brotha over on Candler Road in Decatur tried to ask me what's good?

Check the math we bring is what I told him; vehicles aren't in park we're still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..

Check the path we're on / we're on a different page but still feeling the rage; somebody will understand a brotha...

We're on a different page, no shady dealing like US / Mexico / Canada trade deals aka another version of NAFTA..

We're on a different page on the anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting; the truth? we're not disputing!! math is dropped by a brotha!!

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