Sunday, October 7, 2018

Mtume - Yebo

Sunday Jazz Continues; digital crate digging continues also, so what's up?  one thing led to the other..

I'm going in / getting it in; rocking a lime green safety vest and  a hardhat with a lantern on top; a blue collar style brotha!

Getting in where I fit in? naw, that's due to the hustle knocking time after time, was the pattern recognized?  for freedom? a brotha still rides..

1950's / 1960's beatnik updated for the 21st Century,  but the vibe is still old school Buick Regal / Buick Century style; that's how a  brotha still rides..

Listening to some Mtume with a track called Yebo; this is pre Juicy Fruit, oh yes!! Mtume had a life before that as a jazz session player!!

Check out the players and the track as we rebuke those that try to loot; steal, kill and destroy so what's up boy? before we spaz due to the stressing we'll say a prayer!!

Bass – Michael Henderson
Drums – Al Foster
Electric Piano – Bayeté 
Guitar – Pete Cosey
Piano – Mtume
Vocals – Tawatha

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