Monday, October 8, 2018

James Brown -- There Was A Time (Kenny Dope Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; even though it's supposed to be a holiday I'm still putting work in...

Columbus Day? man please, my people aren't at ease!! that's why we're still out here  putting work in!!

You heard him!! who?  O-Zone, once again it's on as my alter ego O-Dog is searching the archives...

Working it all out, getting the machine set; while altered Negroes like Herman Cain made sure the machine is set to alter peoples lives..

Another shucks and jives collaborating with the Council for National Policy while the police will be enforcing martial law..

Aw shucks!! Clarence Thomas collaborating with the Federalist Society?  please!! is that how we're ending up with Brett Kavanaugh?

So what's up y'all? I'm on the other side of the coin with the BDP Philosophy, there was a time I was headed in the wrong direction but I had to be myself...

So what's up y'all? we're listening to this funk soul with a drum and bass / broken beat  twist; checking out James Brown with There Was A Time (Kenny Dope Remix) ; as we would say, ugh!! with your bad self!!

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