Monday, October 22, 2018

We Were On A Different Page PT.10 .

We were on a different page in the book, it's even hard to find us on Facebook after we were kicked off..

What's the deal with it? no Jamal Khashoggi body double; face to face with a crook? the stress will double, soon the drama kicked off..

Oh yes, it'll jump off so we pull out the jumper cables trying to jump off the battery in the old hooptie for I-20 intergalactic expeditions!!

We we're on a different page / feeling a different rage; damn!! it's hard to catch up on our pimping!

 Damn!! it's not a simple thing!! we keep coming out fresh with brand new batches but it's rough out here.

Like in Instanbul; Turkish espionage or  Apple Watch recording the gross details when the coping strategy fails?  like I said it's rough out here. 

Some act a fool, humbled like Trump did Ted Cruz as the drama unfurled!! lying Ted?  others were misled by those smooth like Jiffy Lube, or an old school Detroit player!! gators / slacks;  the coat? per the upcoming winter a cashmere..

Who'll rule / calling shots? beats bump as we cruise down I-20 in Atlanta, not misled / waiting in the dark O-Dizzle will take it there..

Who'll rule / calling shots? O-Zone will use breakbeat scientific principles to expose schemes and plots!! 

Calling shots? oh yes!! in this zone we're on a different page!! so called invincibles are exposed during culture wars plus battles between haves and have nots!!

Calling shots? oh yes, we're on a different page, but still on default settings per  back in the day Louisville escapades; rolling down Muhammad Ali listening to the Barkays drop that the funk!!  they  had the knack...

Appropriate for this Music Monday / Monday morning, something from a different era / age; check these random thoughts, putting them on the clearance rack..

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