Saturday, June 9, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT,9

Were they bulletproof? jokers were talking out of the side of their necks like Rudy Giuliani; Trump recollections keep changing so  they didn't know all the details.

Arrogant and aloof? per the Saturday Night Fever? digital crate digging continues as O-Dizzle peeps through record collections, meanwhile others were balking instead of pitching!!  another disrespects!! out into the galaxy?  this dude sails. 

The launching pad was I-20 in Atlanta!!  what's the dizzle? some say the train of thought ran off the rails like it was Amtrak. 

We're rolling like Justified winning the Triple Crown when the sonic assault is dropped while bewitching hours had others distracted;   damn!!  it had an impact. 

Justified for getting down like this?  oh yes!!  even though we'll admit we're not bulletproof!! we're switching between dropping this good word and a funky track or two; this is the business. 

No justice no peace? of course not, while we're on this earth we're not bulletproof!! wishing authorities weren't tracking us like the NSA,  or maybe like Cambridge Analytica was but that's the business. 

No justice no peace? still getting breakbeat scientific!!  I'm in the lab writing code and pushing buttons. 

Were others bulletproof? Trump and the G7 aren't united so we're trying to make a break for it;  reality is still  punishing gluttons. 

 Some will try to tell them what they're going through is nothing,  but everybody's level of tolerance is different.

All of us are going through it in one way or another,  we just have to deal with it. 

Still with it?  but these fanatics that think they're bulletproof will disrespect you and me!! they're empowered by Donald Trump type attitudes!!  it was shrewd how he played them. 

Real with it when we get breakbeat scientific?   how did they expect us to be? were they bulletproof? per the deep state some are  realizing that power is still maintained by the establishment in one form or another;  who prayed for them?

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