Sunday, June 10, 2018

Machine Drum - Gunshotta

Sunday Jazz Continues!! your dude is out here putting it down like this!!

Son is jazz funking, soul jazzing and jazz hopping;  we're putting it down like this!!

This is that music from out there in the grey area where the boundaries are blurred..

Oh yes!! a traditional jazz fanatic but grey areas scenarios affected the sound, after the drama occurred!!

It's going down from Louisville to Chicago with the shot spotters / to LA with predictive policing to NYC with Rudy Giuliani's stop and frisk...

It's going down, so what's the deal? Machine Drum with Gunshotta will play!! drum and bass and Sunday Jazz?  this is what I call electrojazz!! what will the repsonse be? naysayers will probably  say tsk tsk tsk...


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