Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me (Smith & Mighty Rmx)

Sunday Jazz Continues, what else besides gospel music should play on Sunday? 

I know, BET Awards are tonight but I took a different flight; I-20 in Atlanta was the runway...

I'm done playing around now I just play the sound and insight is dropped per this good word...

I'm done playing around, I just play the sound!! some were mesmerized like they smoked some good herb..

You heard? we're out here  listening to some Norman Cook produced  Beats International with Dub Be Good To Me (Smith and Mighty Rmx) 

Some jazzhop / soul jazz / dub will cook in the kitchen; traditionalists will snub!! no telling what O-Dizzle will put in the mix!!

This is a version of the SOS Band classic written and produced by Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis

We're working it out, something different!! of course some won't be fair with us, you know they'll act brand new with us..

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