Sunday, June 3, 2018

Mr Moods ft DJ Vinyldigger - Getz Attention

Sunday Jazz Continues on a hot Sunday afternoon / evening  in Atlanta; it seems rains from Subtropical Storm Alberto have subsided...

I should be conducting Outback Chronicles type of activities but it's humid outside, feeling like the tropics!! chill out bro!! myself I chided...

Oh!! earlier I did ride out per some I-20 Chronicle type of activities so the day was not wasted!!

Now lab techniques are enhanced, breakbeat scientific studies advanced!! no recollections are keep changing like Rudy Giuliani  mentioned!! the truth is cut and pasted!!

Check out these collections!! beats are banging!!  cuts, scratches, based up sounds are dropped per this jazzhop from Mr Moods ft DJ Vinyldigger with a track called Getz Attention..

Jazz and hip hop connections!! beats are banging!! these are not GMO foods cooked by this crate digger!! catch the feeling!!

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