Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Family Stand - Ovasaxed

Sunday Jazz Continues!! oh yes!! we're in the midst of it!! chilling out on a rainy afternoon in Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues, oh yes!! we're in the middle of it!! amen corner noises are  heard, some understand a brotha!!

Others that don't? we'll get on the same page at the end of the day; but old girl that rode with me in the big bodied Checker Cab up in Louisville told me "everybody ain't able"

Others that won't? Sail On like the Commodores!! meanwhile ATLien's we're slamming Cadillac doors, the old school big bodied ones mentioned by OutKast in Elevators!! something about catching up on their pimping, but everybody ain't stable!!

Others failed on their mission!!  oversexed like Bill Cosby or Donald Trump with the hookers? paying the price, the cost will be high, check it out!!

Meanwhile The Family Stand with  Ovasaxed played!! beats thump from the group known for Ghetto Heaven!! check it out!! 

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