Thursday, April 26, 2018

In The Meantime and Between Time PT. 10

They didn't "holla back"  now what's up? caught you later on,  they say they wanna make it right!! now trying to implant a microchip or hook up a USB cord!!

They tried to extract knowledge, but they'll need to acknowledge; to the higher power? we stay on one accord.

Like Kanye West in the MAGA hat, lack of knowledge left some open to exploitation by the board of directors.

Stressed due to lack of good gas mileage in the hooptie? some will blame it on issues in Syria but others are riding dirty with stolen SUV's trying to steal ATMS!!, or riding in Toyota trucks like ISIS was,  now caught by UN weapons inspectors? 

In the meantime and between time I'm back!! This Is What They Meant By Funk per knowledge acquired per the intergalactic mass hysteria!! oh yes!! we got good mileage when rolling in the mothership!! souring like a Falcon 9 rocket depositing TESS out in the galaxy!! they'll have to respect us.

In the meantime and between time?  the sound and this good word is dropped; we didn't withdraw from the action like Ronny Jackson!! this is what you can expect from us..

The Lord disinfected us from the ongoing madness / the confusion!!

Like Michael Cohen pleading the fifth I pulled the plug!! I had no time to waste!! disconnected from the grid, home of the mass confusion.

In the meantime and between time big homie over here in Decatur got open!!  he took pulls off the drug laced / cognac flavored cigarillo!! using the Kush as a cushion.

Micro fibers broke the camels back!! not just the straw!! how's  a dude supposed to feel bro?  that's what's up with him.

In the meantime and between time micro and macro economics has others smoking Camels and Salems in the green pack to calm their nerves.

...Or maybe Newports!! no need for acting brand new in the sport, it is what it is!! per Throwback Thursday the  Dramatics say what you see is what you get!! the scene? a bruh observes.

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