Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In The Meantime and Between Time PT.7

Live and direct from the ATL planet it's the Humpday Extravaganza!!  these breakbeat scientists roll up with another episode..

Any respect like senators vs the Trump policies on Syria? in the meantime and between time some are waiting on the truth to be told..

It's all about the resources, in the meantime and between time we're bold with it conducting these courses!! we're done with it!!  what? the chaos and confusion!!  we come to set it straight.

Reality divorces? in need of a lawyer like Michael Cohen, a fixer like Ray Donovan?  winning? losing? Sean Hannity mentioned no relevant issues will be heard in the debate.

Of course I've been here!!  some just heard of me like Donovan Mitchell should be rookie of the year!! winning? losing?  please!! it's rough out here, as we skate on thin ice with sharp skates on!!

Of course it's rough out there, we can't even go to Starbucks!! card carrying members,  part of the tribe that society hates on.

Of course it's rough out there!! even for old dudes with Members Only jackets on!! in the meantime and between time the clock moved fast, with too many dates on the calendar..

These dudes aren't in rackets, we checked the environment!!  Ecological Ignorance Didn't Alter The Fate!! O-Dog is still in the lab, hitting the button or dial for ya..

O-Zone?  using borderline belligerence upsetting La La Land residents!! letting you know per Facebook / Cambridge Analytica  they'll have a file on you;  maybe Mark Zuckerberg will make big promises...

Drones ready to take you out per the intelligence?  some didn't obey so called security!!  face to face with crooks up in Louisville / Newburg so I knew the deal! the apparatus will take you out  even if your on your own premises!! 

In the meantime and between time we're staying full of hope, but it diminishes for some!!  we fight back with the drum!! 

In the meantime and between time  check the ongoing  Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position!! Paul McCartney type of  band on the run? 

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