Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nujabes [Tributes Mix]

Sunday Jazz Continues!! you'll have to excuse a brotha as he shifts / changes gears...

Soul jazz, jazz funk and classical jazz played earlier, check me out on Twitter; now I move on to jazzhop but I didn't quit or stop!  not bitter but life's a bitch and I have changed over the years!!

Trying not to spaz I've got work to do!! not acting bitter like Sean Hannity vs Jimmy Kimmel!! O-Dog left the kennels!

Trying not to razz these jokers, even though they don't understand me I know they're going through it; even constituents were attacked in Syria with chemicals..

Blatant and subliminal messages are sent in this sound, our contribution to the March for Humanity?  we're listening to this Nujabes [Tributes Mix] courtesy of the Jazz Hop Cafe..

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do this; let the music play!!

01 Hubert Tas - Flowers [Nujabes Tribute] 

02 .sinh - OneForNujabes (Ft. Natty Reeves)

03 Levox - Shiki No Uta (Remix) 

04 Thomas Prime - Like A Feather (Nujabes Tribute)

05 DOMINANT - After Fireworks 

06 Hella Maker - Luv (Sic) Pt.3 [Remix] 

07 Sergeant Jay - Counting Stars (Nujabes Tribute)

08 xPanda - Sentimental Value 

09 Ljones - Sola (For Nujabes)

10 Soulwanderer - Believe In Music

11 A June & J Beat - Luv (Sic) Pt.3 [Nujabes Tribute] 

12 Distant.lo - Beauty (Nujabes Tribute) 

13 Levox - Lady Brown 

14 Pabzzz - Final View [Nujabes Tribute]

15 less.people - Late Jun 

16 BoomDraw - Luv (Sic)

17 Jusoul - A Nujabes Tribute 

18 jinsang - let.go [one for jun] 

19 trog'low - Grace (Ode to Jay and Jun) 

20 Elijah Nang - Sunburst 太陽 (Nujabes Tribute) 

21 Yeiv - Remember June 

22 Blazo - In Memory Of Nujabes

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