Monday, April 23, 2018

In The Meantime and Between Time PT.8

It's going down like this!! in the meantime and between time we're trying to put a handle on it!!

Rolling the dice, trying to get my mind right!! I dropped breakbeat scientific principles on this blog; like Trump with his tweeting some say I ramble on it.

...All weekend,  instead of showing respect to the Bush family he had something negative to say!!

In the meantime and between time we get breakbeat scientific with it!! this good word is dropped and per Music Monday the music  will play...

Let us pray!!  damn!!  (cursing and praying at the same time?) a dude is on it,  bumping heads with so called invincibles!!  it's like Trump vs Mueller.

Or maybe Trump vs Comey,  beats thump homie plus this good word is dropped!!  dropping knowledge like the old schooler Abdullah.

He put it down up in Louisville / Newburg,  universal knowledge from Pluto to Mars / from  the ATL to Johannesburg.

He was letting us know about the apparatus checking our status; jokers were rolling  like Mark Zuckerberg.

 That's per the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica collaboration; check the situation,  it's the tip of iceberg.

Face to face with a crook? bridges were built, I connect with my people / so called crooks  from Oakland to Charlotte / Mecklenburg.

We didn't merge!! we take it to the bridge dropping this knowledge!!  these brothers get free and stay free.

In the meantime and between time? jokers urged us to join them,  but they really  can't say nothing to me.

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