Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic PT.9

This retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic!! it's going down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, jokers will try to act brand new with me!!

Authorities will try to crush the resistance like tracking and  deporting immigration activists and tracking and arresting  so called Black Identity Extremists; that's how they do!  it's business as usual! my constituents will go through it with me..

What's up with it?  instructions were given, you might have been told to honor another's doctrine or their version of  the Ark of the Covenant.

What's up with it?  check the corruptions!  soon the pains and pleasures of life were scheduled by the matrix architect. 

Guru and Bahamadia, with Ramsey Lewis  said respect the architect,  but that's only done when something worthwhile is built. 

This retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic!! check the statistics, act like you knew the whole game is shady!!  look at the cards that are dealt.  

This retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic!! letting you know these gamblers were out for a fast buck;  the masses will get played. 

...Then  those crooks will dip in a fast truck;   Ford F-250 or a Dodge Ram, shady and shifty man!!  after the episode? the masses prayed. 

...After they were preyed on  / played on;  caught up in the system /  matrix

..Politicians said vote for me and I'll set you free!!  but check the money flowing from the deal to keep the government running;  they just fake it.

This retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic but jokers told me pump your brakes kid!!  the cliche mentioned fools will rush in.

 These are the breaks per Curtis Blow so whatcha know? The Brotha  O-Zone kept on cold crushing. 

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