Saturday, December 7, 2013

Peeping Game....It Ain't Nothing Nice PT.2

The saga struggle continues; I'm peeping ain't nothing nice! 

So a brotha added this good word and funk to the menu after paying the price!

Another was price gouging like the World Trade Organization..then lounging after making a killing! 

Business as usual in Babylon!! pundits and so called experts babble on!!  but they didn't report the shady dealing! 

Business as usual!! what am I on?  like the New York Knicks or maybe the Los Angeles Lakers I'm waking up..I'm done with it / over it!! hey!! I've got that feeling like James Brown!!  baby baby baby!!

Come on!!  as we move on!! moving forward away from Janet Jackson types asking what have you done for me lately? 

Love me or hate me!!  damned if I do or don't!!  it ain't  nothing nice!

Some were driving too slow on the information highway!! just
like the Cheaters type white van per Joey Greco and Gomez!! it ain't  nothing nice! 

...or the information overloads cause jokers too crash out!!  calling
Geico after paying the price!

 I'm in transition / transformation modes...ready to cash out after overpaying the price!

Peeping game..multiplication and division mixed with street codes..moving in discrete modes..freed like war veterans Merrill Newman from North Korea?  

Sleeping in the game? complications will occur like side effects from prescription drugs..stereotypical description of the thugs? it ain't nothing nice...thats how it is in the sport..check the scenario..

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