Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Out Here.. Just Trying To Maintain

Once again its on!! your dude is chilling on this humpday..rolling through like the Camel on the Geico commercial... I'm all up in the spot!

 Out here..just trying to maintain!!  but these jokers try to play me like Russia does Ukraine!!  the situation can get insane!! it can get hot!

 I'm not the one playing with them!!  I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!

 I'm the one praying for them!! Lord Help! Lord Help!  is the battle cry! that's how we play...

Authorities were laying for them over in the cut!!  others were laughing at jokers like the crooked banks fined by the EU because you believed that damn lie! I tell these stories...laying in the cut...all up in the spot...dropping these mathematics! refusing to be on standby...
Territories that were hostile like in the Middle with Hezbollah vs Israel..whats the deal? some  laughed at those that cry about their conditions! 

..let some tell those stories?  they claim they had a hot style!! 
but the math was too hard for them!! now they holla at the Lord!  sending petitions! 

Not on one accord!! not down with ones causing all the chaos and

I didn't get on board the train along with all the pity party
participants....they're taking a loss or losing!

Cruising in the mothership from I-20 in Atlanta to I-80 in Oakland ...on up to Louisville / Newburg! 

...from Pluto and Mars healing intergalactic battle scars!! on back to Charlotte / Mecklenburg!

...on over to Tripoli..dealing with drama in Nairobi!! on over to Johannesburg..I still didn't merge with evil forces!

 I'm still all up in the spot!! class is in session!! I'm conducting seminars and courses!



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