Sunday, December 1, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Just Doing What I Do

Were all up in the spot!! damn!! its like  the championship bout!! ..jokers are clocking us like were at the the weigh in! 

....hip to the scheme or plot!!  like Republicans knocking the Obamacare website..jokers "ain't right" ..meanwhile we get scientific!! plus were all about praying! 

How will this black man play?  O-Zone is all about dropping this good word...while O-Dizzle is all about playing the funk sound!

Corporations were all about Black Friday..meanwhile danger zone coping strategies are enhanced!! as we do what we do ...this is how its going down! 

Its going down!! we dip through like Comet ISON son..knowing the drama is covered from all aspects!! its  local, national,  international like suicide bombings still going down in Iraq and even intergalactic! 

Its going down!!  like Crimson Tide fans morale is low so the profile is kept low!!  I'm doing what I do!! dropping these mathematics! 

...ignoring fanatics and their agendas!! the tide will turn revealing they're just pretenders!! facilitators of hate!

 But were scoring points!! back with this!! like  Lebron and D Wade!! but haters were full of lies during the debate! 

Were exploring the universe....we even left this solar system!! please!! the system set up by these earthlings make a point of destroying the little man or woman! 

...just a pawn in the ongoing chess game.. that's how they work things!! ain't knowing?

What said it ain't showing? plans fall apart like the train derailing in the Bronx..R.I.P. to the victims.. 

What said it ain't showing? some lose control like Paul Walker in the Porsche...rolling fast and furious...R.I.P ..meanwhile we do what we do..refusing to be the next victims...


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