Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Staying On Point..

Once again its on!! damn!! here we are...were all up in the spot! 

Once again its on!!  like talking to Iran about their nuclear program in Geneva...were staying on point...peeping game...its easy to get victimized by the scheme or plot! 

Are you rolling with the team or not? we're schooling jokers like  Lebron James vs Mario Chalmers...what's the response from us?

All up in the spot...thought and fashion police thought they were ruling..playing games...even thought they were on to us...

We stay on point...we noticed  the fabric is not has a knot in it!! damn!!  it looks kind of ragged! 

I wasn't the one they'll anoint..I was cut from a different cloth anyway!!  smooth but the edges are jagged! 

The corrupt agenda similar to the Target Credit Card breach?  I had to deal with it!! please!!  they have us coming and going! 

So whats up? a moving target is hard to hit but tires screech as I pump brakes; chilling in the lab...the blender is running!! broken beats and English are in the mix...soon I'll be going for what I'm knowing! 

Thought and fashion police were showing their hand;  running off at the mouth like dude from Duck Dynasty ...contributing to the pain and anguish!! check the set Crawford Lewis in Dekalb County? ...they'll try to railroad you! 

Sonic Assaults are unleashed after I hear the train rolling down the track!! I see some are trying to act brand new with us...others didn't have the knack!! what's up jack? I see  coping strategies failed you! 

Nobody bailed you out like banks or Wall Street!!  please!! now  your caught up in the system / matrix! 

The ship came in for some like Mega Million winners!! then it sailed out to sea!! unlike Deutsche Bank with the uranium business minus mortgage fraud charges!!  were dealing with those that fake it!

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